Audio Anarchy Catalog > Letters Of Insurgents
1. Yarostan's First Letter(14:09)
2. Sophia's First Letter(39:51)
3. Yarostan's Second Letter(1:14:40)
4. Sophia's Second Letter [Part 1](1:02:48)
5. Sophia's Second Letter [Part 2](57:03)
6. Yarostan's Third Letter [Part 1](46:15)
7. Yarostan's Third Letter [Part 2](47:20)
8. Sophia's Third Letter [Part 1](44:54)
9. Sophia's Third Letter [Part 2](45:06)
10.Yarostan's Fourth Letter [Part 1](47:18)
11.Yarostan's Fourth Letter [Part 2](50:03)
12.Sophia's Fourth Letter [Part 1](1:02:56)
13.Sophia's Fourth Letter [Part 2](57:53)
14.Yarostan's Fifth Letter [Part 1](1:06:55)
15.Yarostan's Fifth Letter [Part 2](47:59)
16.Sophia's Fifth Letter [Part 1](1:10:28)
17.Sophia's Fifth Letter [Part 2](58:22)
18.Sophia's Fifth Letter [Part 3](51:57)
19.Yarostan's Sixth Letter [Part 1](52:52)
20.Yarostan's Sixth Letter [Part2](47:33)
21.Sophia's Sixth Letter [Part 1](45:25)
22.Sophia's Sixth Letter [Part 2](51:01)
23.Yarostan's Seventh Letter [Part 1](46:00)
24.Yarostan's Seventh Letter [Part 2](39:12)
25.Sophia's Seventh Letter [Part 1](57:45)
26.Sophia's Seventh Letter [Part 2](1:10:16)
27.Yarostan's Eighth Letter(1:11:33)
28.Sophia's Eighth Letter [Part 1](45:42)
29.Sophia's Eighth Letter [Part 2](55:19)
30.Yarostan's Ninth Letter [Part 1](45:04)
31.Yarostan's Ninth Letter [Part 2](29:55)
32.Sophia's Ninth Letter [Part 1](43:06)
33.Sophia's Ninth Letter [Part 2](53:22)
34.Yarostan's Last Letter [Part 1](1:00:55)
35.Yarostan's Last Letter [Part 2](1:00:31)
36.Yarostan's Last Letter [Part 3](30:38)
37.Sophia's Last Letter(1:03:32)
38.Sophia's Postscript(1:45)
We enjoyed reading these letters to each-ot her. But these are long letters, and recording all 31 hours of this over the co urse of a few months did, at times, make us somewhat delirious. This is some of our delirium, caught by the microphone.
39.Our Delirium(17:52)
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